India Treasures

(Also published as The Mangarh Chronicles in the Penguin India edition)







Finalist for Book of the Year (Fiction), ForeWord Magazine


National Review Media:


"We delayed too long in reviewing this book. When we finally cracked the pages we had a treat in store. It is an order of magnitude better than most of the fiction we see for review.

"India Treasures has all the essentials, characterization, plot, locale, and first rank writing.

"Worthington creates an authentic ambience of time and place in India ancient and modern. He offers us a cast of believable flesh and blood characters who face realistic problems. He sets his scenes with authority and a grasp of detail. In short he has put together a very good book that is exciting even to our jaded taste."

Rowse Reviews



"An utterly absorbing historical"

"Gary Worthington's India Treasures: An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages is an engaging and entertaining sequence of eight dynamic novellas about Rajasthan and Northern India across the length of human history, all connected by a modern-day treasure hunt. Incorporating crucial events of Indian history seamlessly into the story, India Treasures brings the reader before the wisdom of the Buddha, the canvas of a medieval artist, the throne of the Sultan of Delhi, and many more wondrous places. An utterly absorbing historical. Also highly recommended is the sequel, India Fortunes."

— The Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review


"A rich and informative portal into past and present India. Gary Worthington is a delightful storyteller."

       —Traveler's India Magazine


"This book is spellbinding and thought-provoking entertainment."

        —Tacoma News Tribune


International Reviews:

"Worthington has wonderfully captured the mystique and adventure-soaked atmosphere of Rajasthan, with its golden forts and the awe-inspiring desert. 

"This is a fine book, whose carefully constructed story-line and obviously minutely-researched details make it a delight to read."

        —The Statesman, New Delhi, India 



"Gary Worthington has produced a historical fiction of epic proportions. The author has produced an immensely readable book and one finds its various stories interesting. He captures the atmosphere of the different historical periods and gives an accurate account of historical events." 

       —The Tribune, Chandigarh, India


"A treasure trove. I gained such a pleasure when I opened The Mangarh Chronicles. It has been a rapid travel all over India in a time capsule. Worthington has planned his chronicles very well, and he must be congratulated."

       —The Sunday Herald, Bangalore, India



Bookstores Nationwide:

"You've got a winner there. We'll be sure to order it for our shelves (and we'll nominate it for Book Sense, too!)."

— Buchmeister Books, Chatham, NJ

"I'm recommending it to our customers, and I am going to send a recommendation for the Book Sense 76 list."

— Watermark@Tiburon Books, Tiburon, CA


Acclaimed Authors: 

"An ornate and compelling collection of jeweled novellas pulling the reader through Indian history. Exquisite characters hit all the high notes without becoming heavyhanded. Bravo!"

               —Susann Cokal, author, Mirabilis

"I am truly impressed. The book is enticing, informative, gripping, descriptive without bogging down, fluid, and very stimulating. I will recommend it to everyone traveling to India." 

Stephen P. Huyler,  author, Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion, and co-curator, "Puja: Expressions of Hindu Devotion,"  at the Smithsonian Institution Sackler Gallery

"Wow! A wonderfully written epic about the history and cultures of India. Indian history comes alive. I enjoyed the book immensely!"

      —Frederick Su, author, An American Sin Customer Reviews:


"I am from India and a voracious reader of all types of books...Mr. Worthington has exceeded even Indian authors on the accuracy front.

"That feeling of 'don't let it end' keeps one reading and reading until, sadly, it does end (but never fear, there is a promised sequel!). The characters and stories will stay with you for a long, long, time. The understanding of India will, perhaps, stay with you longer.

"I hope more readers discover this gem.

"Read it!" 

— Nagplot, Manassas, VA


"This easy to read book kept me riveted to my chair. An enchanting story that takes you on a magical journey through India's history."

— Mary L. Bird, Somerset, MA

"A splendid job of embracing a momentous topic. I highly recommend this book to even a novice reader of books on India. It kept my interest from the Get-Go!"

— Catherine C. Bennett, Kansas City

"Reading India Treasures was almost like reliving my first visit to India in the late 1980's. Gary Worthington truly captured the heart and spirit of Rajasthan--the golden cast of the massive forts, the smell of the desert, the rich and wonderful culture, and the evidence of a wonderfully intricate history around every corner."

— Reader from Paradise, CA


"India Treasures gave me what I want from a historical novel - authenticity. I felt convinced the author deeply understood the multicultural history of India and how it has shaped India's complex social fabric today. 

"A series of short novelettes set in various times from thousand of years ago to the 20th century were interspersed throughout the main story. They served to break up a long book into manageable chunks well suited for my busy schedule. 

"They helped me understand the reasons for modern India's religious diversity and struggle to discard the caste system.

"Gary Worthington tells his stories from the eyes of different persons - young, old, privileged, and those locked in the darkness of the lowest castes." 

— Johnny Douglass, Olympia, WA 


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